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Pregnancy Tips:How to get pregnant fast

The following tips will help you to understand the proper time to get pregnant easily and quickly to produce a healthy baby. Here are some great tips: Learn your menstrual cycle – Having a sexual intercourse during your ovulation period will increase your chances of getting pregnant. So it is important to know when is … Continue reading

Categories of Signs and Symptoms in Pregnancy

Do you know if you are pregnant, or not? Do you assume that you have a fetus inside when you missed your period for a couple of days, or when your weight changes and the size of your abdomen changes, or when you feel dizzy all the time and have episodes of vomiting? Signs and … Continue reading

The Three Trimesters of Pregnancy

  The World Health Organization defines normal term for delivery as between 37 weeks and 42 weeks, and it has Three trimesters, first tri (week 1-week 12), second tri (week 13-week 28), and third tri (week 29-week 40). On the frist month, this would be the most crutial stage, because the body needs to adjust … Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts When You are Pregnant

To deliver a healthy baby is one the things a pregnant woman could ever pray for.  There are things that has to be done and things that you have to give up when pregnant to lessen the possibility of miscarriage and other troubles that may arise during the pregnancy period to the delivery of the … Continue reading

How To Use an Early Pregnancy Test kit (EPT)

  After having the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, taking an Early Pregnancy Test (knows as EPT) is one of the reliable ways to confirm and avoid false alarm. An EPT is a device that can tell a woman if she is pregnant by analyzing the urine. People rely on an EPT because this test … Continue reading